leather cuffs

smooth surface
// coloured (yellow ochre/ deep red/ brown/ dark brown/ black/ raw)
// thickness (10mm/ 15mm/ 20mm)
// texture (smooth/ cracked)
// coloured inside (light brown/ brown/ black)

rough surface
// colour treated (raw/ brown/ dark brown/ black)
// thickness (10mm/ 15mm/ 20mm)
// coloured inside (yellow ochre/ deep red/ viridian green/ brown/ dark brown/ black/ raw)

the cuffs can be made for custom order. you can choose the colour and finish you would like to have, and specify the size that fit you the best.


please consider that the cuff doesnt have any opening; thus you may have to slip it over your hand. but because it is made out of leather, it still have a bit of elasticity component to it. you can wear it as a cuff or a bangle.


i/d : inside diameter (mm)
how to find your size:
measure the widest width of your wrist (in mm) + add with 6 mm = __ mm
or add with 10 mm or more if you have a wide palm / prefer a lose cuff.

wanna get ones? :D

write me an email providing the item numbers of the leather cuffs you would like to have.
for more info about the purchasing method, click here.