Monday, June 18, 2012

craft hatch market

some phone photos from last saturday's market! 16/06/12

some elpple's gems! big thanks and hugs to those who came over and visit us!
special thanks to my girls xx

Thursday, December 1, 2011

in december

in the need of christmas pressie' idea? ;>
find elpple at:

* The Factory
130 Johnston St, Collingwood

* Pop Up Shop!
122 High St, Northcote

* Pony Boy Parlour
284 Albert St, Brunswick

* Monster Threads
333 Brunswick St, Fitzroy


Sunday, November 6, 2011

comes along....... mini toyblocks pins!

you cant not love this. super adorable toyblocks pins! they come in a set of two. a perfect accent for your nana's jumper or could possibly brighten up your clean cut suit! :D

new series! toyblocks castle necklaces!!

if you think you ve had enough with the cuteness of the toyblocks necklaces, here comes more awesomeness! :D toyblocks castle necklaces!! hand-painted in joyous colours, this is your perfect neckpiece for summer. YAY.

they are 82 x 45 mm in size, comes with an adjustable brass chain which allows you to wear them short or longer, from 44 - 54.5 cm. hand-painted with love and care, each piece is unique as they come in different colours and patterns. SOOO, drop me an email, get yourself one now...! :>


they come aliveee

remember this?

mini games for you, virtual friends! can you spot them in the picture?

now you can tag these lovely buildings brooches with you :3

mr moody

started with some doodles.. let me now introduce you to mr moody.
mood swing hits hard on men too, you know..

he comes as a set of 4 brooches (:

from yesterday

hello! yes. that was my first ice cream i had for that day. it was SUPER HOT and they did make great sales of water bottle for sure :p

i would gladly say, i survived the weather and the market too. there were creative and good collections of things around. thank you for the love, friends! it was lovely to see happy customers too. hope you enjoy your new elpple!

ps. in case you missed the market yesterday. dont worry, i will upload elpple's new collections shortly! :D