Sunday, March 13, 2011

toyblocks necklaces

who wouldn't fall in love with the cuteness of these toyblocks? :3


welcome to the kingdom of toyblocks' castles: each of these toyblocks made from laser cut and etched plywood, hand-painted and varnished. the colourfull-ness of it mesmerizes our playfullness as a kid who is always within us.

available in 3 various designs.
dimensions: 30mm x 35mm x 6mm

brass chain length: 690mm


take one as yours, here.

leather cuffs!

check out these lovely leather cuffs; made from raw Brazilian saddle leather, hand-joined, coloured / dyed and varnished entirely for its durability.
available in few variants:
* rough / smooth in surface
* thick / thin

* mini cuffs: 55 - 60 mm in diameter
* standard cuffs: 62 - 67 mm in diameter


love the earthy colours!
pick you favourite here.